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  We repair and maintain fire equipment such as fire extinguishers, hoses and hydrants.  
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  We provide our trainees with individual training equipment that is state-of-the-art and only the latest first aid protocols are used.  
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Training programmes
At S.A.E.C., we understand that it is difficult for employees at companies and individuals to go on training courses. That is why we have made our training programmes co-ordinated and flexible. We can conduct a course at a time that is suitable for the client.

We also provide our trainees with individual training equipment that is state-of-the-art and only the latest first aid protocols are used. In addition to the training manual handed to all students, S.A. Emergency Care gives all students a First Aid SNAP Book (Systematic Note to Action Procedures) which they then own after they have completed the course successfully. This unique, pocket-sized book is a summary of the first aid procedures covered in the Level 1 course.

After a careful evaluation (or a written exam for Level 2 and 3 training) a certificate is issued to our trainees. These certificates are valid for three years. Fire fighting and OHS Act certificates are valid for one year. Certificates will only be issued if the candidate is deemed competent enough.

Each trainee is given the following equipment:
  • S.A. Emergency Care SNAP book,
  • A resuscitation device for training,
  • Latex gloves for training,
  • Level 1 training manual (in class use only),
  • First aid level 1, 2 and 3, Occupational Health & Safety Representative, Basic Fire Fighting and Fire Marshal manuals issued to and kept by the students and
  • A certificate issued when a trainee successfully completes a course.

The courses we offer are as follows:
First Aid Training:
  • First Aid Level 1
  • First Aid Level 2
  • First Aid Level 3
  • First Aid Level 1/2/3 combined
  •  CPR
Fire Training
  • Fire Warden
  • Fire Marshall
Occupational Health & Safety
  • OHS Act of 1993 Presentation for Senior and Middle Management and Supervisors.
  • Health & Safety Representative
  • Advanced Health & Safety
  • Written Safe Work Procedures
  • Safety Induction
  • Incident Investigation and
  • Risk Management
We also offer advanced courses for professional fire fighters. Our instructors have both standardised and special training. Our training is offered nationwide.

Training Facilities
S.A. Emergency Care offers training courses nationwide and at our training facilities. We are also able to conduct training, including first aid training, at our clients• premises. Since large fires can become dangerous, S.A. Emergency Care•s training facility has been designated a hot zone by the Municipality. This means that we are legally allowed to make large fires for training purposes.

Our training facility has a training room where theory classes are held. Practical first aid and CPR lessons are given are also given here. We also have several simulation platforms where trainees on any fire training course can learn how to put out various types of fire.

We also have a smoke room where trainees learn how to exit smoke filled rooms. For the basic safety courses we use stage smoke. For the professional fire fighter courses we use wood smoke.

We also have simulations designed to teach underwater recovery and confined spaces rescue, rescue at heights and search and rescue procedures. We also have a place to teach our trainees the proper use of breathing apparatus.

Our training facilities are available for hire for companies that do not have their own facilities or who do not have hot zone designation.

At S.A. Emergency Care we believe in creating a social space where people can come together and share their experiences. Come and relax at our unique Fireman•s Tavern after a day•s hot zone training where you can join us for a cool beverage.

The Fireman•s Tavern, situated on our premises, is our very own social space with a bar created from a real fire engine. Many important friends have enjoyed our company at the tavern and signed their names on our honorary board.

We host functions at our training facilities, everything from team building days and company functions to weddings and birthday parties. For more details about hiring our facilities, please feel free to contact us during office hours.

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